About Business Data Reports

Business Data Reports (BDR) provides business writing and editing services to tech companies and professional service providers. BDR specializes in developing marketing white papers, business case studies, articles, and related content that helps marketers generate and nurture leads in the b2b marketplace.


Founded by Rachel Agheyisi, an experienced consultant-economist and author of over 100 business reports and articles, BDR is more than a “hired pen”. Rachel has conducted research and written on diverse topics in the field of market research, survey design, business opportunity evaluation, customer satisfaction assessment, global dietary supplement industry, applications of anti-counterfeiting technologies, economic impact analyses, benefit-cost analyses, transfer pricing, regulatory compliance, financial feasibility studies, and more.


Rachel values collaboration, and brings to each content creation project the benefits of over 25 years of professional experience in academia, corporate consulting and independent freelancing. We do not produce generic reports. Instead, we deliver customized, data-driven white papers, case studies and articles that incorporate current best practices in content marketing. The result is credible content that enhances your marketing efforts.


BDR takes the worry out of producing effective marketing content. We have streamlined our report writing process without sacrificing quality. Our approach produces content that is reader-focused and closely aligned with your marketing objective. We understand the key elements of crisp and persuasive writing designed to convey your value proposition to your prospects.


At BDR, we work hard to build mutually rewarding and long-term business partnerships. Tap into the efficiencies of having a professional business writer whose primary objective is to save you time and ensure that you have the best content for the right audience in the right format — consistently.


Email us today to discuss how we may help you market the benefits of your product through well-written white papers, case studies, articles, and related content.