Marketing with content is crucial in certain industry sectors, particularly for products sold in the b2b space. Smart b2b marketers know that they need to go beyond answering the basic questions their customers are asking. They need to anticipate customer concerns and be ready with well thought-out targeted feedback. Successful content marketing combines proven responsive and proactive tactics to attract and maintain customer attention.


B2B sellers face a number of issues, which frequently translate into marketing content creation concerns. However, there is a growing realization the more content is not necessarily the answer. Rather, savvy marketers know their content creation needs to be deliberate and purposeful, based on a careful analysis of strategy-worthy issues, such as:

  • The need to generate more quality leads;
  • A desire to capitalize on any remarkable success that existing customers have achieved with your products;
  • Effective management of a sales cycle that is getting longer and needing more diversified interaction with prospects;
  • Equipping sales teams who are facing more questions than they have answers for;
  • Repurposing old business reports and archived content for more effective use;
  • Creating a framework for meeting the ongoing need to develop new ideas and produce insightful content to share with¬†existing customers and prospects;
  • Addressing real or perceived loss of competitive advantage due to failure to innovate marketing tactics.


A content development strategy that drives customer engagement and extends market reach necessarily starts with knowing¬†the target audience, setting achievable goals, and deploying resources appropriately. If your goal is to attract and build trust with customers, then you must invest in proven tactics that match the needs of prospects. This would mean the choice between using template-generated, generic content and customized, targeted content— which is often a choice between quantity and quality. If experience is any indicator, quality always trumps quantity when it comes to strategic marketing content creation.