B2B Content Marketing

Typical b2b products are often characterized as involving complex sales cycle, which essentially means that the buyer’s purchase decision is often not linear or short. The seller-buyer interactions in the b2b marketplace typically involve deliberate trust-building over the long-term.


Maneuvering complex sales requires carefully designed, solutions-oriented, and consultative communications. The successful b2b seller is the one that capitalizes on every opportunity to educate and persuade the prospective buyer with relevant content. Consequently, information-sharing is integral to the complex sales process.


A number of challenges are associated with b2b content marketing:

  • The ability to define and focus on content that matches the needs of prospects in each phase of the sales cycle;
  • The ability to provide quality content in a consistent manner;
  • Accommodating the fact that producing good content is resource-intensive;
  • Balancing the demand for content creation with other marketing functions to achieve bottom line goals.


It is ironic, sometimes, how eager some marketing pros (including consultants!) are to claim the ability to “think outside the box.” However, their hasty tactics often reflect otherwise. The fact of the matter is if you don’t know what’s inside the box, your thinking is bound to be impaired. For the content marketer, the box is in the hands of the target audience. You can’t begin to think anywhere around that box without first knowing all that you can about the holder.


The truth is that even if your prospects don’t always know precisely what they are looking for, they often know what they don’t want. They recognize self-serving, generic content when they see it. Poorly designed and irrelevant content frustrates prospects, reflects badly on the seller, and could potentially derail the sales process.


In essence, there is a core relational component to successful b2b content marketing.


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