Content Editing Services

Among the many advantages of tech-marketing content like white papers is their longevity. You can capitalize on the long shelf life of a marketing white paper by periodically implementing updates and content editing.


An otherwise well-written marketing white paper may be deficient in design and presentation. Sometimes, implementing a few, strategic formatting changes can transform a bland report into a viral marketing tool.


Are you thinking of alternative uses for your existing content? Sometimes, a business case study may read better in a video or stack of slides.


Business Data Reports can help with your content editing and repurposing needs. For example, we can do the following:

  • review your old white papers and reports and make recommendations for “sprucing them up” based on current best industry practices and data
  • conduct a comprehensive audience analysis to identify the best matches for your existing marketing content
  • assess how well targeted your existing white papers are based on your choice of topics and marketing objective
  • provide actionable suggestions to enhance the readability and format of each of your marketing content type
  • make recommendations to help you better align future marketing content and keep it fresh, interesting, and popular – from your audience’s perspective.


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