Outsourcing Your Content Creation

Content creation is resource-intensive.


Consequently, one of the key considerations of successful content marketing strategy should include an assessment of resource commitment. For example, can your in-house staff commit the time and expertise necessary to research and write credible content consistently? Are your content creation needs better served by outsourcing all or some of your projects?


In tech marketing, outsourcing content creation makes business sense because customized content creation, such as marketing white papers, requires more than subject-matter expertise. It requires the special ability to do due diligence research and craft persuasive content that addresses the interests of appropriately targeted readers.


Sometimes, outsourcing content creation is unavoidable.  Few companies are completely self-sufficient in all areas of product marketing. Sometimes, outsourcing content creation is a deliberate choice because it fosters business flexibility and efficiency. Smart marketers know how to outsource selectively in order to maximize resource-use.


There are gains in efficiencies when you outsource your content creation projects. Outsourcing frees you and your busy staff to focus on their primary duties. A professional business writer, who takes a fee-based content creation project, has a strong incentive to complete the assignment relatively quickly, while ensuring current industry standards. Done correctly, the result is that your scarce marketing resources are allocated to their best-possible uses.


If you consider outsourcing your content creation a viable option, Business Data Reports (BDR) is here to help. At BDR, we know what it takes to produce effective b2b marketing content, including white papers, business case studies, blog posts and articles.


As your writer, we would incorporate the following success indicators in each content creation project:

  • A reasonably clear idea of the intended audience;
  • Research-based understanding of how the intended reader likes to consume content;
  • An unwavering focus on benefits of interest to the reader;
  • Appropriately defined tone, style, and format for each content type;
  • Suggestions of options for content distribution.


At Business Data Reports, we don’t believe in content for content sake or content creation in a vacuum. We feel that a well-defined content development strategy is a good context for creating intelligent and relevant content consistently. It provides a set of criteria and a framework for assessing how well  content marketing investment is doing.


Contact us today to discuss how we may help you market the benefits of your product through well-written white papers, case studies, blog posts and articles.