Business Case Studies

Business case studies document third-party data that support the product claims made by the sponsoring company. In other words, case studies represent specific proofs of benefits associated with the product in question. They educate by highlighting “lessons learned in the field”; they tend to be viewed as success stories.


This makes a well-written business case study a credible testimonial and desirable marketing tool. It is a perfect medium to explain how a product works without overselling the brand. Effective marketing case studies show readers what they need to be doing to achieve benefits similar to those exemplified in the study.


Effective Business Case Study Tips

Unfortunately, not all business case studies are effective for marketing purposes primarily because they neglect some critical components and fail the credibility test. It is important to avoid the following elements that could undermine the marketing effectiveness of a business case study.

  • Adopting the one-size fits all approach (a.k.a. the template-method)
  • Using an uninspired, bland report title
  • Falling into the trap of exaggerated/unverifiable claims
  • Focusing on benefits of little importance industrywide
  • Failing to define an appropriate length for the story
  • Neglecting proper distribution channels


 The Vital Case Study Interview

Since case studies are essentially empirical success stories, a key component of case study writing is the interview of the “satisfied customer”. The interview process differs from case to case, but in general, the purpose is to gather enough information to write a credible story that will have a broad-based appeal.

At Business Data Reports, we approach each case study interview with a set of questions tailored for the specific client’s objective. We aim to elicit information relating to the following topics:

  • The customer’s business
  • The context for the solution (the underlying problem)
  • How the purchase decision was made
  • Details of the implementation/ramp-up process
  • Specifics of post-implementation outcomes


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