Marketing White Papers

White papers are informative business reports. They are excellent for targeted, benefits-oriented, and sustained marketing effort. Well-written business reports allow companies stay connected with existing customers and reach out to prospective clients without the need to deploy overt aggressive marketing tactics.


Well-written white papers are crisp and informative by design. They are popular for their educational value and soft-selling stance. White papers are great for marketing because they are versatile. The word “viral” is often used to describe well-written and persuasive white papers. They have long-standing popularity for promoting tech-based solutions and high-end professional services.


White Paper Writing Tips

However, all white papers are not the same.  Some white papers may pass as technical papers, but completely miss the mark as marketing tools. Here are some reasons why a white paper might be ineffective for marketing purposes:

  • Lack of focus on the needs of the target audience
  • Too much jargon at the expense of clear communication
  • Absence of a clear marketing objective to begin with
  • Poor documentation of claimed business benefits
  • Too much focus on the sponsor’s agenda
  • Inadequate distribution of the report
  • Inadequate tracking and follow up of leads


Enhancing the Marketing Appeal of White Papers

At Business Data Reports, we adopt a report writing process that addresses all of the critical aspects necessary to produce marketing white papers of exceptional quality. Each white paper we write takes into account elements that enhance readability and overall appeal of the report, including:

  • clear understanding of the underlying marketing objective
  • logical organization of the content
  • sharp focus on business benefits (of interest to the target audience)
  • judicious use of graphics and other formatting tools
  • appropriate length and call-to-action


Given the time and financial costs involved in developing white papers, it makes good business sense to engage a professional business writer who understands how to enhance the marketing appeal of your white papers.

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