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Here is a selection of BDR articles on various topics relating to business intelligence and regulatory compliance.  Feel free to browse, download, and share any of interest to you.


Five Things Every Business Manager Should Know About Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) promises the type of information support every decision-maker could use. In a question-answer format, this article provides an overview of a BI system and highlights issues every business should consider before investing in the technology. Read more.


Business Intelligence and ETL. Business intelligence (BI) is a tech-based tool that allows decision makers process information and gain insights that drive enterprise performance. Typically, a series of steps, including collection, organization, evaluation, and transformation precede the data analysis and reporting that provide insight. This article highlights ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) in the context of a BI system. Read more.


The Fight against Identity Theft – The Red Flags Rule. Identity theft continues to pose a threat to U.S. consumers. This article highlights the Red Flags Rule, a tool intended to minimize loopholes in information security and protect consumers. Read more.


7 Tips To Make Your Company’s Information Security Plan More Manageable. If you operate a financial services business, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you may be subject to the FTC’s Safeguard Rule. This article offers some tips to help make the task of implementing the mandated information security plan more manageable. Read more.


Seller Beware – the COPPA is Watching. Most businesses are subject to industry standards and government regulations. There are a number of regulatory requirements specific to online businesses. This article examines the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and highlights compliance requirements online business operators must meet. Read more.


How to Streamline Risk Assessment with Lessons from SWOT Analysis. Risk assessment can be a helpful planning tool. However, if not done correctly, the process can be overwhelming. One way to avoid that pitfall is to “borrow” from other planning tools, which exemplify the desirable qualities of ease and clarity. If you are responsible for conducting the risk assessment of our company’s information security plan, this article shows how SWOT analysis might help simplify the process. Read more.


Financial Information Security is a Three-Legged Stool. The growing problems of identity theft and fraud make customer data security a big deal for everyone. Consistent with regulatory requirements, each business needs to ensure the effectiveness of its information security plan. This article identifies three key elements of a successful security plan. Read more.


Empowering Your White Papers to Deliver Quality Leads For Your Tech Products.  Using findings from a survey of a sample of white papers, this article highlights some of the features that ignore the fundamentals of successful content marketing. It suggests simple fixes to ensure that the focus remains on creating well researched white papers that provide relevant information, build trust, and connect with the intended audience. Read more.